We are a financial deep-tech company specialized in the development and implementation of quantitative investment systems, integrating state-of-the-art full-stack technologies and using techniques based on artificial intelligence in the financial sector.

More specifically, our great technological capacity and international training allows us to operate as a complete R&D department and adapt to projects that require technical and disruptive innovation, always taking into account the business problem to be solved and focusing on that the developments have an economic return on the client.

During the years, we have been involved in many complex and ad-hoc projects for more than 30 clients like institutional and retail banks, international brokers, proprietary trading firms and high net-worth individuals. Our algorithms, models and frameworks are actively deployed and performing in a variety of areas such as portfolio management, quantitative research and trading, risk management and data analysis.

Our approach and results are robust as we start from the initial ideation and try to gather all the potential information and insight research about the project to be done, from the business and the technical perspectives, with the final aim of creating disruptive tooling to add unique value for the client.



Our company operates as a R&D department, much of which is already in place today. Our commitment to creating technology has always been to accomplish a high-end robustness of the infrastructure and that the proprietary AI agents are adaptive to the needs of any client, so that our service is rapidly implemented and cost-efficient.

Our strong modeling knowledge focuses on artificial intelligence techniques to develop models that become automated and performant on a variety of areas such as investment management, either for the short term, medium term or long term and in varied markets such as futures, ETFs, stocks or cryptocurrencies.


Eriz Zárate

Eriz has extensive international experience in the financial quantitative research domain, specially in applying AI-driven strategy R&D. Apart from having created ZM, he is also part of the Alpha Team at Darwinex.

Alain Mateo

Alain Mateo is an expert in marketing and business management. With the experience gained in 8 years in the world of business he founded ZM where he performs functions of brand development, financial management and front-end design.

Alain Porto

Alain Porto is a researcher and has experience as project manager in the field of R&D of the Basque science, technology and innovation network. He has a degree in Electronic Engineering with a specialization in general use systems. In addition, he has a Master in Control Engineering, Automation and Robotics.

Unai Aseguinolaza
PhD – Head of Quantitative Research

Unai is responsible for diving deep in market fundamentals and micro-structure to generate cutting edge research on all the quantitative modeling projects of ZM adding unique value to them. He is a physicist, has a Master in Nanoscience and a PhD in Physics with focus in Computational Condensed Matter Physics.

Martí Castany
Quantitative Researcher

Marti is a quantitative researcher focused on the development of low and medium frequency systematic trading models. His experience comprises derivatives pricing and trading, OTC liquidity infrastructure and consulting services for the sell and buy side. He is also the Founder and Portfolio Manager of KomaLogic, a proprietary systematic trading firm.

Jon Mikel Parrilla
Software Engineer

Jon Mikel Parrilla is a software engineer by the University of Basque Country (UPV-EHU) and he has a Master in Software Expertise. Is currently a back-end developer. He also is an expert in cybersecurity and hacking.

Ander Benito
Electronic Engineer

Ander Benito is a researcher and a Full-Stack software developer. He has a degree in Electronic Engineering.

Itziar Álava
Strategic Marketing

Itziar is a Master’s student in Digital Marketing at the University of Mondragon and passionate about strategic communication in organizations. During her university career she has done work focused on brand image, positioning and strategies that allow optimizing the results of companies.